Together, in mind and spirit,

One blood, one heart,

One sinew, flesh and bone,

One origin, one core.

Shared source, beginning,

Experience, history,

Memory, growth,

Development and life.

Two as one,

One as both,

Welded in a union

As branches from one tree.

Sprung from one soil,

One root,

Nurtured in one Eden.

Together to one end.

As natural as one breath of life

And the vital pulse

Of a beating heart.




He who is firmly anchored in strength from within finds it unnecessary to argue about the merits of various beliefs and convictions.

He is confident enough in his own to not feel threatened by others.

Were we all thus, there would be no point in, nor cause for, conflict.

So our views differ. So what?

We can agree to disagree and go our own ways.

Would that it could be so.






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