The Gift of Friendship

Friendship is a gift to be treasured and cherished.

It is a boon and nourishment to soul and spirit.

Friendship enlightens and brightens life and brings

comfort and gladness.

Friendship warms and supports us through

every experience, good or bad. It is solace, joy, and reward.

Friendship is a treasure beyond measure.

Friendship is forever.

It is what every heart yearns for and deserves.

Friendship is an expression of universal love and unity.



Let’s try to remember that “I believe” does not

necessarily mean that what “I believe” is true.

What “I believe” is my opinion, and opinions

famously can and do vary.

In a free society, everyone is entitled to his/her

opinion, and so is entitled to her/his belief.



I CAN be responsible for what I say.

I CANNOT be responsible for what you hear.






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