Health Concerns


Thoughts of a 90-year-old:

Best don’t grow weak of back or knee,

Or faint of strength to a degree

That dear-ones might a weakness see

That prompts concern or sympathy.

For if this change of health is true,

It brings a most distressing view

Of loved-one’s thoughts of just what you

Can or cannot henceforth do.

You will find new rules being blessed

To stop hard work and promote rest,

With less exertion being stressed

To keep your well-being at its best.

So be it!



Rest, Damn It!

Sit down and rest.

They say that’s best

Lay down that mower,

Shovel and rake.

Forget the weeds,

Time for a break.

It’s tough to go slow

When there’s work to do,

But they say it’s best,

And I guess that’s true.




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