Interesting Feelings


Strange Feelings

I’ll tell you, I’m worried. I can’t account for some strange feelings I‘m having lately.

Perhaps “strange” is not the correct word. Maybe just “different” would be more appropriate. Well, not that either, for I have felt this way before, just not so often nor so intensely.

What I mean is, I often am swept up in a pleasant glow of joy and contentment. A great wave of appreciation for all the blessings I enjoy sweeps over me. My heart and mind fill with gratitude.

I view all that I was and am in a rose-tinted reflection of past and present.

I doubt that anything—let alone everything—can be as perfect and as ideal as I view it.

Yet this idealized view of my life seems genuine and true.

At these times, a fear creeps in along with the pleasant aspects of the reflections; a fear that there must be a price to pay for such lofty, gratifying feelings.

Likewise, an accompanying question: “How is it I have not had these awesome and wonderful thoughts and feelings to such an extent before?”

However, the raw joy and peace of this episode of bliss pushes aside all these questions or doubts and leaves a positive attitude dominant over any and all negatives.

It opens a vast store of memories of the portrait of my life from first recollections through the years hence with bright pictures of happy times in every stage of progression.

It makes the spirit soar and the heart swell with an otherworldly glimpse of blissful peace.

It is welcome and cherished.



I wouldn’t change a step in my walk though life. Not even the bad ones. They are all part of the whole, which is completely good.