The Bucket

One cannot have too many buckets —

Not I, at least.


Consider a bucket’s usefullness;

First of all, for storing or conveying liquids,

As well as as many other things.


There are times when only a bucket will do the job.

A bucket will convey ashes, trash, nuts, berries,

garden products, sticks, stones, tools . . .

Anything that will fit into it!


Buckets are handy in sorting unlike objects–

different items in different buckets.

A bucket is so useful it is widely imitated.


A basket is a variety of bucket.

A box is a bucket without handles,

thus without one of its most useful features.


A wheelbarrow is a bucket with a wheel.

Pots and pans are buckets used in cooking.

Huge buckets on wheels are called trucks.

Giant buckets on the ocean are ships.

All manner and means for moving things

are forms of buckets.


There really is no end to the bucket’s utility.

It’s true . . . I have a thing about buckets.