Forest of Life

Life is like a forest.

Some parts are dense and dark.

Some are more open,

with clear views around.

There are many trails

going many directions.

Following the trails can be confusing.

Sometimes we lose our way.

We follow the wrong trail.

We find the right trail

with careful planning and searching,

with persistence and luck,

with helpful guidance.

Some people find a fast auto–

through education,

through help such as inheritance

or influence,

through diligence and advancement.

And they race along life’s highways

through the Forest of Life,

instead of plodding along

life’s trails.


But on the autobahn of life

there are many crashes

and casualties.

And you can miss much

of the pleasure of the trails

through the pristine Forest of Life.


Some people actually abandon

the highways to get back

on the trail.

The lucky one finds the trail

to his destination

early or later,

Without too much wandering

around and searching;

and he enjoys the trek

through the Forest of Life.