Be Prepared or be Dissappointed



Be Prepared or be Disappointed


We have to know what to expect from life. Otherwise, we are very apt to become disillusioned and bent out of shape by a world full of disappointing surprises.

There must be realistic preparation for the conditions we will encounter—and the possible situations in which we will find ourselves.

“Fore-warned is fore-armed.” Very true.

How many of us find life totally different from what we expected?

And why?

How do we grow up and mature with entirely unrealistic expectations?   And with no capability to adapt to the conditions we find—even if our expectations weren’t that far off?

What need we do to be better prepared for the real world? Not necessarily to conquer it. Just to live in it with some degree of self-satisfaction and mental ease.

Obviously, we must learn more about this real world as we grow in it. And not just facts and numbers. Not just a mental accounting of our world. There is much more than that to “understanding” our world and our role in it.

A large part of that job is understanding ourselves. How many of us can claim that ability?

Another important step is understanding others.

None of this is easy to accomplish.

In order to understand anything, we must observe it, study it, think about it.

There are guideposts and clues sprinkled throughout life. They will help lead to understanding, if we will look for them and use them.

Little in life is new. Much is new to each of us, but not new to life.

“Research” is a key to understanding and preparedness in living. If we can see and understand the basic patterns of something, like life, we can better anticipate future events.