Expriences Change Life



Experience Changes Life

(What Reality?)


We are products of our experiences. Not very profound, but an idea worth thinking about.

A step farther—we develop in accordance with how we react or respond to our experiences.

So there exists a strong likelihood that the longer we live—to have experiences—the more likely we will continue to change . . . either to expand into new views and shades of belief, or to move more deeply into entrenched attitudes.

Most new experiences bring us additional evidence of views already held (because we tend to support and reinforce our believes).

But sometimes new experiences create conflicting evidence which forces reconsideration of ensconced beliefs.

Every personal attitude falls somewhere within a broad spectrum of belief on or about any given subject. Our personal conviction about any belief can rest anywhere in this band of acceptance or rejection.

And as long as we entertain (accept) admission into our consideration of information on any subject, our position on this spectrum-band can shift around (if we will allow it) in accordance with our reaction to received and perceived information.

The ideas which develop in our experience. . . from our experience. . . determine these shifts in position.

No information falls into our conscious (and/or subconscious?) awareness without becoming part of our calculation of life’s experience and computing out into a portion of an attitude . . . (belief, idea, conviction?).

And the result is our conception of realism, for the moment.