Foreign Culture?




Foreign Culture?


We look across oceans and national boundaries at “foreign cultures.”

We could just as well look back a few years in our own communities, and even in our own families, to discover a culture which is becoming more and more “foreign” to how we live today.

Perhaps “culture” is not the correct word. Try “morals”, or “outlook”, or “social values”, or any number of labels meant to convey the meaning of how we live today and interact with each other and with various segments of our community and our society.

Possibly “culture” goes too deep, and actually signifies more than I can encompass in this thought I am trying to develop. But I do mean “the way we live . . . the values we embrace . . . the things we respect . . . the expectations we cherish . . . the world in which we believe we live!”

These are the things which I believe have changed. Not just the surface things—the technology, world politics, national and international attitudes. I am talking about personal attitudes and

values . . . how I look at me, not just the world around me . . . how I value me . . . my willingness or unwillingness to face myself and how I feel about it when I do!

Of course we are products of our time and all times are not the best of times.

But is seems to me that some of our better social/cultural/personal values develop in times that are not considered “the best of times.”

In fact, there appears to be a track record of better values in poorer times and poorer values in better times.

Perhaps things are more appreciated when earned with some effort.

Think more about this! (This is the lament of every generation!)