March 13, 1990


How real is reality? Or is “reality” colored and influenced by our own beliefs and prejudices.

Probably we see things a great deal the way we want to see it rather than as it actually is.

So, do we go through life in a pseudo-real world . . . our own “real” world? Very likely; and is that bad? Or good?

Depends, I suppose, on how we slant our reality. Could be either good or bad.

Is it better if we remove our colored glasses through which we view life and reality so that we can see and live in the “real” real world?

Again, it probably depends upon the case, because I don’t suppose many are the same.

Interesting to look at individual situations of “tinting” reality—and types of tinting—ie: short-term, single-instance, or long-term view of a life or a time.

More to think about on this subject. Can get into all sorts of reasons for attitudes and actions.

In the broad sense, our idea of reality pretty well can determine our entire approach to life and treatment of it.

Yeah—getting deep. Ponder it.