The Magic Button



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a magic button we could push to turn the world into a happy place of wish-fulfillment!

How marvelous it would be if we could turn off our woes like shutting a water tap! If we could summon up cheer and joy like turning on a light to brighten a room . . . or a life!

It is all quite possible. That magic button is within reach of each of us.

Of course we cannot change our lives with a wish, but we can greatly alter our perceptions and therefore our attitude. And joy or gloom basically are attitudes.

If we want joy we must perceive the joyful things in our lives. If all we see is the gloom, that is all we will know of life.

But as with most achievements, this happy state requires some effort.

Attitudes are like habits. Good ones are difficult to develop. And bad ones are tough to put aside.

But a happier life just might be worth the effort.